Showa A- Kit Suspension

The cream of the crop, this is the best that money can buy. Genuine Showa suspension, only from us in Finland! Give us a call or send us an email and ask about availability and pricing.

Kayaba A- Kit Suspension

The best suspension that Kayaba have to offer. Give us a call or send us an email and ask about availability and pricing.

Showa SFF TAC spring conversion kit, 800€

  • Showa´s own spring conversion kit, replaces air spring with a traditional spring
  • Preload adjuster
  • Better feel and grip
  • Easier to set up and no more checking the air pressure

X-Trig Preload Adjuster, 160€

  • Forget using the hammer and a screwdriver, setting the preload is made easy with a 8mm wrench
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Shock Compression Adjuster, Showa/KYB 155€

  • 20mm works piston, different spring rate and custom setting
  • High Speed adjuster has 8 turns, instead of stock 4.
  • Low Speed adjuster has 34 clicks instead of stock 22
  • More precise and sensitive to adjustments
  • Better traction
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Check Valve, 45€

  • Separates the rebound and compression systems, adjusting rebound doesn´t effect to compression
  • Better slow speed control
  • Better traction

Shock Spring, 95€

  • Many different spring rates
  • For WP, Showa and Kayaba

Showa Bladder Cap, 55€

  • Bigger nitrogen volume (depending on shock model)
  • Machined and Anodized “Factory” look
  • Easier servicing and longevity utilizing a schrader valve instead of the OEM needle/plug type.

Fork Outer tube Protectors, 35€

Protects the bottom of the fork tubes.

KTM Bladder Kit, 160€

  • Bigger aluminium tank, more nitrogen volume
  • Bladder instead of stock piston
  • Smoother feel, less friction and less heat build up

Factory Bump Rubber

  • Taller and harder compound.
  • Improved bottoming control and feel.