Suspension rebuild is something you should not neglect. A rebuild service that is done correctly, and often enough, will keep your suspension performance at it´s best, and your suspension more consistent, eliminating unnecessary wear on the components. The rebuild includes full disassembly of the suspension components, cleaning, inspecting all parts for wear, and shims for fatigue. Re-assembly is done with new original parts where necessary and care is taken to bleed the air correctly. Our rebuild service also includes re-valving if needed, at no additional charge!

Ari Skog, the founder of Skog Racing has over 30 years of experience in suspension design and development, and has worked for a number of factory teams supporting riders all the way to World Championship titles! He has also been developing settings for many production and factory bikes as a suspension technician. Ari is still in close contact with the WP, Showa and Kayaba factories and knows all the latest settings as well as parts that are used worldwide. This means that Skog Racing is a leader when it comes to suspension settings!

Whether you want a rebuild, re-valving or other performance parts and coatings, Skog Racing will have the answer for your needs! Call or send us an email and together we can design a complete package that suits you the best!

If you want to service your suspension, see our instructions here.

  • 130€ FORK (includes oil, but does not inlcude bushings, seals or other required parts)
  • 110€ SHOCK (includes oil and nitrogen, but does not inlcude bushings, seals or other required parts)
  • 20€ CLEANING FEE Only if needed, so wash your suspension before sending!