How to Get Your Suspension Serviced by Skog Racing?

  1. Call us at +358 505111920 or send us an email Tell us what you are looking for and if you are having some issues with your suspension. We will then ask you some questions and give you our recommendations of what should be done.
  2. CLEAN your suspension thoroughly, otherwise we will charge a 20€ cleaning fee. If you are using the push button bleeders for your forks, please remove them and use your stock screws. The bleeders usually leak oil during shipping.
  3. Package and bubble wrap the suspension to protect the parts you are sending so they won´t get damaged during shipping. Use post office or matkahuolto and send your package to Skog Racing Oy, Tynnyrojantie 89, 03300 Otalampi. If you use matkahuolto, the destination is 01800 Klaukkala.
  4. Once you get your suspension back, go try them out and tell us what you think. If you don´t like them, we are more than happy to first help you with adjusting the clickers and if you still don´t like them we will change settings until you are satisfied.




Drop off or Ship us Your Suspension

Skog Racing Oy

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(Matkahuolto 01800 Klaukkala)

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