Ari Skog, the founder of Skog Racing has over 30 years experience of suspension designing, development and modifications. He worked 20 years at the top level of motocross racing helping many riders to achieve their dreams to become a world champion.

Ari´s career started in 1985 as a race mechanic for KTM Austria, -87 he moved to Yamaha Europe and -88 to Kawasaki Italy. In 1990 he worked for factory Honda where he won his first World Championship title with Eric Geboers in the 500cc class. 1991 and -92 he won 500cc World Championships with Georges Jobe and -93 second place with Jorgen Nilson at Jobe Racing Team.

From 1995 Ari concentrated only on suspension when he started working for WP suspension company. At WP, his responsibilities included testing for development purposes and improving the performance of WP´s offroad components as well as technical assistance during GP´s and test sessions. He also developed settings and adjustments to both, offroad OEM and GP racing products.

While working at WP suspension, Ari helped KTM riders in MX1 and MX2 classes to over 10 World Championships with researching, developing and testing new parts, settings and products. He was the go-to guy if riders had any issues with setting the bike for their liking.

Skog has worked during his long career with many pro riders worldwide such as Ari Viiri, Arto Panttila, Kurt Ljunqvist, Juha Salminen, Kari Tiainen, Samuli Aro, Petteri Silvan, Miska Aaltonen, Kenth Asplund, Jussi Vehviläinen, Niko Kalatie, Henric Stigell, Harri Kullas, Juss Laansoo, Billy Liles, Eric Geboers, Georges Jobe, Jorgen Nilson, Joel Smets, Shayne King, Peter Johansson, Yves Demaria, Steve Ramon, Jamie Dobb and Grant Langston just to name few…

After the glorious career at the top, Ari still has the ambition to make better suspension. He is using and happily sharing his knowledge to help customers with any issues they may have concerning suspension. Being closely in touch with Showa, Kayaba and WP ensures that he knows all the latest settings and parts that are used worldwide. Now also you have access to all the best parts, settings and coatings the top teams and riders use! No matter what you ride, if it has a suspension, Skog Racing will have all the answers for your needs!